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Taking Charge in the Bedroom

June 15, 2010

Sometimes you just want to be a little saucier than you might normally be when you’re with your partner. No matter why you feel the need to be more commanding in the bedroom, you might want to show your husband or your boyfriend that you can be powerful and sexy – all at the same time. If you’re new to being a little more dominating, it can help for you to begin with something simple in the bedroom – like a blindfold. Easy to use and simple to add to any intimate encounter, you might be well on your way to taking control and showing him just how enjoyable that can be.

The Right Blindfold

The best part of using a blindfold to control your partner is that the equipment is easy to find and simple to use. Everyone has something in their home which will work as a blindfold. You might want to look for handkerchiefs, silk scarves, and regular scarves first for the perfect blindfolds. Something that’s soft to the touch, but long enough to tie behind their head is going to be the best fit for the bedroom. You can also find a number of blindfolds in sensual stores and these can be made of everything from leather to cotton and silky feeling materials. There is no right or wrong blindfold to choose, just the one that will help to block the sight of your partner and get their blood pumping.

Once The Lights are Out

When you’re in the bedroom and you begin to get more aroused, it’s a good idea to put the blindfold on him as soon as possible. This way, his senses are taken away as quickly as possible and he will become your slave, in a certain sense. Without his eyesight, he’s not going to know what you’re doing, but he’s going to be thinking about every move you’re making. He might jump and be even more turned on because he has no idea what’s happening and can’t open up his eyes and see what you might want to do next. You might want to tease his skin with feathers or with other silky items or you might want to walk around him in order to keep him slightly off balance as you kiss his ears and the rest of his body.

Taking Control and Seeing What Happens

Pushing him down onto the bed and making him put his own blindfold on is another way you can take charge in the bedroom. This will make him feel a little nervous about what happens next and it might be just the signal you need to release your inner wild child in the bedroom. You might want to push him down and then hold his wrists down as you begin to make out with him and you begin to tease him until he gets more turned on. You might also want to leave him in the bedroom by himself for a few moments so that his imagination begins to go wild with what you might be doing when you get back. And that’s just the right tone to set – a tone of anticipation.

Taking away one of his senses is a great way to ensure that you are in control in the bedroom, even if you’re smaller and less threatening than he might be. But the second you begin to take charge, your partner is going to be thrilled and excited to see what else you might do. And this is only the beginning of what taking charge in the bedroom really means.


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Brianne Bell

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