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How To Dominate A Woman In Bed

October 13, 2010

Admit it, you’ve been thinking about taking control of her in bed for some time now. While you might have not said anything to your partner, you have always wondered what it would be like if she did anything you wanted her to do in bed. You might wonder what it might be like to be the Master or the Dominant, and while you have no idea how to begin, you’ve had plenty of fantasies about what it would feel like. Here’s how you need to get started and how to make sure she agrees to it.

You can’t simply tell your partner what to do in bed and call it being Dominant. If you’re telling your partner to do things they don’t want to do and they tell you to stop, you need to stop. You need to talk with your partner ahead of time before you begin to take control. If you don’t, you might have a ticked off partner who doesn’t trust you anymore. You can’t simply spring the idea of taking charge on her if she doesn’t know it’s coming, no matter how exciting you think it is or how much you think she’ll like it. Forcing anyone to do anything is illegal, even if you didn’t mean it to be dangerous or pushy.

The Talk You Need to Have

You and your partner need to begin with a conversation about what you want. Be clear about what you want to do with and to her, then listen to her responses. You might find that she’s far more responsive than you expected – or that she’s not interested at all. You will want to talk with her about what she might be comfortable with, just to get a taste of dominance, while still respecting her boundaries and her desires. Sit down with a list of what you want and then see if she’s willing to try some out. Often, she will be interested in trying a few things out to see what they’re like, but then you will have to sit down and renegotiate these boundaries at a later time.

Always remember to focus on the benefits that she will receive from doing it.  Most guys when they have this discussion just talk about what they want, how they want it, and how good it will feel for them.  Instead you need to focus on your partner, let them know how good it will feel for them, how fun and freeing it will be, and you want to do this because you have heard that this type of play intensifies the experience for a woman. How it causes a stronger connection between two people, helps to open communication and intensifying your intimacy by building and enhancing your trust which is essential in an experience like this.

Three Rules to Begin

It’s much easier to start off by controlling her in the bedroom with three simple rules. The rules you choose are up to you, but you will want to choose three things that she has to do the entire time that she’s in bed with you. This way, the dominance isn’t too hard-core, but it still gives you a sense of what it’s like to dominate another person. You might want to test her on her ability to follow your rules and then make sure you are taking control of the situation if she decides not to listen to you. You can also talk to her about what punishments might be doled out – light spankings, for example. This will allow the both of you to dip your toes into dominance and submission games without committing to anything long term.

Example Rules:

1) She can not touch you with her hands the entire time.  She must lay back relax and enjoy what you do

2) If she does touch you, then you will give her a spanking for each time she broke the rule

3) She can not orgasm until she has asked and you have agreed to let her orgasm

These are just examples get creative with your rules, but remember when first starting out always make your rules simple and fun.  When she starts enjoying giving up control and letting you Dominate her, she will become much more open to giving you more control in the bedroom.  That is when you can become more dominant and stricter with your rules.  She will enjoy it and want more as long as she can trust you and knows you have her best interests at heart.

When taking charge in the bedroom, all you need is a compliant partner and some rules. Whether this means you’re simply ordering her around, or you’re moving her into the positions you want her in. Just remember you may be the Dominant one in the bedroom, but there are two people in that bedroom and if you do not satisfy and take care of your partner eventually there will only be one.  Go slow, go light and keep it fun. You have a life time to build up to more intense control.


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Paul Bishop

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