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5 Ways to Dominate Your Guy in Bed

May 21, 2010

When you’re trying to liven things up in the bedroom, it never hurts to try out some different sorts of roles. Though you may have already tried out costumes and other kinds of role playing, dominating your guy in bed is one that many women forget to do. Though it’s something many guys want their partners to try, some women have been afraid to try. Here are five tips to help you start to dominate your guy in bed. Who knows? It might become the norm for you.

Show Him Who’s in Charge

From the moment you get on top of him, let your partner know that you are in charge. You can use those exact words or you can simply be the one to initiate the sex. You will want to be the one who controls the rhythm, what you’re doing, etc. Make sure that you look into his eyes and let him know that he is not going to control this bedroom adventure. You are.

Playful Control = Hotness

You might want to hold down his wrists and you kiss him and you begin to do whatever you like to your partner. Hold him down hard so that you can show that you are able to control him. Some people might like to use some ties or silk scarves to actually bind their partners down. This doesn’t have to be an expert job, just the idea that you don’t want him to interfere will be hot for him. Or you might just want to put a blindfold on your partner so he has no idea what you’re doing to do next – very controlling.

Dress the Part

You can also dress the part of a pseudo-Dominatrix by dressing in all black or simply by dressing in a sexy manner which is not necessarily something that he would want you to wear. Make sure that you feel confident in this outfit and that you can move easily so as to make sure that you are in control of the situation and not worried about how you feel in your costume. Sometimes, just dressing in something sexy will make you feel more confident and more able to be the one who is in control.

Don’t Let Him Speak

Every time he tries to speak, make sure that you stop him. The best way to do this is to look right at him and to put your fingers on his mouth. You will want to also specifically tell him that you don’t want to hear him speak, right from the start. This will cause you to have control over what is happening and he will not be able to protest. Each time he talks, tell him to be quiet, if that seems right, or simply ignore him and remind him that you are the one who is in control.

Tell Him What to Do

You will also be in control if you tell him what to do, when to do it, how hard to do it, etc. You need to be the one who is in complete control of all that is happening in the bedroom, from the time that you walk in to the way he touches you, where he touches you, etc. You need to be specific about what you want and you need to make sure that he’s only doing the things you’ve asked him to do.

Since men are typically the ones who are allowed to take control in the bedroom, it can be nice for a woman to take on this role from time to time. And you just might find that being in control is hotter for you too.


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Brianne Bell

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